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Ginger drink with lemon and honey. To soothe the stomach. Drive away chills. Have it hot/have it cold. Within the stomach, loins and lung, Praise of hot ginger rightly may be sung. It quenches thirst, revives, excites the brain, and in old age awakes young love again. A daily dose of this smooth, satisfying and all natural drink will help keep you in harmony all day. Ginger is said to soothe the throat & stomach, warm the internal organs, and ease nausea & ailments from colds to headaches. And that's not even the best bit! Ginger is also a powerful antioxidant with over 12 constituents superior to vitamin E (Critical Reviews in Food Science & Nutrition 17/no. 8). And it helps neutralize free radicals, widely recognized as being a common cause of inflammation (Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Tokyo) 40/no. 2). Not bad huh? And the taste? Mmmmmmm! - Toussaint-Samai, A History of Food. If you love this drink, visit us at for more healthful products and recipes.